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We produce natural remedies for your special companion animal.  We harness the power of natural herbs to provide holistic and whole body wellness for your pet.

About Nature’s Power Pet Remedies

We were founded in 2005 and are a small family run business. We are located in Lakefield, Ontario, but sell our products all over North America. 

For over a dozen years I have been interested in the theory and the knowledge of herbalism. In the late 1990's I started researching natural healing for pets when our dog Spooky developed allergies and immune problems. After a few years I perfected our Body Booster. We couldn't believe the difference with her allergies. She was like a different dog! In that time our other dog Sadie had arthritis so severe she couldn't get up the stairs anymore. I started again and there was born our Joint Care. Sadie was once again running up and down the stairs and playing like she went back 4 years in time! Since then we have made our pet remedies available to the public. We also widened our product line to help pets with almost any ailment.

We get a lot of questions about if or when we will make supplements and remedies for people. One day we may also develop remedies for people as well, but right now we are happy to help others beloved pets. 


Joint Care

Regular - 100g $29 CAD  Large -  454g $85 CAD (1st time buyer gets  a welcome discount)

Nature's Power Joint Care is an all natural supplement that helps pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia, as well as tendon and ligament pain.

Nature's Power Joint Care is made with Yucca Root Powder, Glucosamine HDC, Shark Cartilage, Vitamin C, Devils Claw, and White Willow Bark. 

All of our herbs are premium food grade quality and are wild crafted, so free of pesticides. Our Glucosamine is 99.8 % pure and is above standard purity levels. 

Yucca root powder is used for its anti-inflammatory and natural pain reliever properties.  Yucca Root contains a high level of steroid saponins (natural glucosides). Saponin is a natural pain killer and is the precursor to cortisone.

Glucosamine is found naturally in the body. It contributes to cartilage production and repair and the combination of it along with shark cartilage also helps to restore the flexibility and integrity back to the joint cartilage.  The main active ingredients in Devil's claw are Harpogoside and Beta Sitosterol, which helps create support for joint, ligament and tendon problems. White Willow Bark is a natural Asprin that helps relieve pain. And the added Vitamin C is an immune booster which has healing properties that can greatly help dogs with arthritis and dysplasia.

Directions: Sprinkle 1/4 tsp for every 20 lbs of pets weight on food daily. For severe cases, double dose. One bag has an average of 38 teaspoons in it. 

500mg of Glucosamine per 1/4 tsp

Body Booster

Regular - 100g $19 CAD  Large -  454g $55 CAD (1st time buyer gets  a welcome discount)

Nature's Power Body Booster is an all natural supplement that helps pets with skin and coat problems as well as pets that have autoimmune problems. It also helps aid in digestion and is a great way to add luster and shine to your pets’ coat.  In addition to all those wonderful benefits, it is an excellent way to help your pet achieve its optimum health. Our Body Booster also complements a raw or BARF diets, as well as home cooked diets. 

It is made from Kelp Powder*, Ground Flax Seed*, Buffered Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Dulse Granules*, Spirulina*, Alfalfa Leaf.  

* Organic ingredients. All other herbs are wild crafted and free of pesticides. 

Kelp, Dulse, and Spirulina are Seaweeds which are rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, Kelp alone is composed of 60 elements, 21 amino acids, and 13 vitamins. Because of this it boosts the immune system and is very beneficial in treating skin ailments, and reducing stress. Spirulina is the richest beta carotene food and has 10 other carotenoids that enhance antioxidant protection. Flax Seed is known as a documented anti-cancer agent and improves moods, diminishes allergies and produces healthier skin. Alfalfa is one of the most nutritious foods known. Its calcium, chlorophyll, carotene, and vitamin K content make alfalfa an important nutritional supplement. And the added Vitamin C boosts the immune system and heals the body. 

Directions: Sprinkle 1/4 tsp for every 20 lbs of pets weight on food daily. Double dose for pets with hotspots, allergies, and autoimmune disease. One bag has an average of 34 teaspoons in it.

Ear Wash

(Save $5 if you buy the Ear Wash & Blend together) 

60ml $15.00 CAD

Our ear wash is great for cleaning the ears of dirt and debris. By regularly cleansing the ears, you can help to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. 

It is made from organic apple cider vinegar, distilled water, and rosemary oil. 

Ear Blend

15ml $15.00 CAD

Our ear drops help fight bacterial and fungal infections. It also can rid your pets ears of mite infestation. All you need is a few drops in each ear  for a week!

Nature's Power Ear Drops are made from calendula infused olive oil, sea buckthorn oil, 

and tea trea oil. 

Flea and Tic Blend

 15ml $15.00 CAD

Our flea drops help to repel those pesky fleas and ticks. Most topical flea drops are harsh chemicals that can be very harmful for your pet. Just apply down center of pets back and between shoulder blades to help protect your pet from fleas naturally. 

Nature's Power Flea Drops are made with sweet almond oil along with lavender, lemongrass, and cedarwood essential oils. 

Bug Blend

  Small (pocket size) - 15ml -  $5 CAD Large - 120ml $20.00 CAD

Bug Off is a natural bug repellent. It works amazing for mosquitoes and blackflies. It is gentle enough for all pets and children. Because it has catnip oil in it, you must test a small area on cats to see if they react. Do not spray near eyes. 

It is made from catnip oil along with lemongrass, lavender, and citronella essential oils.

Heal All Butter

Heal All Butter is a natural salve with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It works amazing for hot spots and cuts. It is gentle enough for all pets and children.  

  Small (pocket size) - 15ml -  $5 CAD Regular - 30ml $20.00 CAD

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